Choose A Parcel Courier Depending On Your Requirements

If you ship parcels then there is a high chance that you are using a parcel courier.

Parcel couriers come in several variants:

The most common parcel couriers are ones that use a van for delivering your parcels. Typically they will be able to carry quite large and/or heavy parcels.

They will commonly come along to your premises at a pre-set time each day to pick up your parcels. Or if you only ship parcels intermittently, then you may just phone them up for a pick up as and when required. Send Parcels to USA

They will be able to deliver locally, nationally or even internationally. However just note that even within these types of couriers, you may find a local one does just that, only delivers locally. Or you may find that a national courier does local deliveries, and nationwide ones, but does not ship parcels abroad, and for this you may need to use an international parcel courier.

Or you may choose to use a motorbike parcel courier. These are ideal for when you need to get urgent documents of small parcels to a client in a hurry, commonly on the same day. They are fast and efficient. However they are limited by the size and the weight of the goods that they can carry.

Also for short parcel runs they can be cheaper than a van based courier, but on longer delivery runs of a few hundred miles you may find them very expense. They are widely used in most city centres, as they can cut in and out of traffic a lot easier than a van.

Yet if you are shipping small parcels or documents out to clients in a city centre you may consider the other option, and one that is totally “Green”, and that is the bicycle parcel courier!

Yes indeed these brave people can often be seen speeding around London in all weathers delivering parcels. They are easily identifiable as they nearly always have a radio clipped on to their clothes.

They can provide a very low cost delivery solution, and just like a motorcycle courier they will often be at your premises to pick up your parcels within a few minutes of you booking a collection.

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